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The trade war between the US and the rest of the word would result in a deep economic crisis that would hurt all sectors of economy (including real estate). Most Trumpís supporters have no knowledge of how economy really works, but it would surprise me if a billionaire like Trump were as naive as his supporters.

Trump believes that he's really great at negotiating and can hire other people who are really great at negotiating. He thinks that if he treathens a trade war countries like Mexico and China will fold because their leaders don't want deep economic crisis.

The question is to what extend he knows about the limits of his own ability to make deals in the end and whether he's willing to lose face in a stand-off if he overplays his hand.

I think he sincerely believes that he's much better at negotiating than previous presidents and would start his administration by declaring all treaty as having to be renegotiated. Not because of ideology but because he thinks he's better and will be able to get better deals.

Calling for Mexico to pay for the wall might be about creating bargaining mass, but Trump still wants to negotiate a deal that better for the US than the status quo.
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