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A few suggestions:

-Talk to local government representatives. Write letters. According to people who work in the offices of politicians, writing letters can be very effective, even though it kind of feels like the letter is disappearing into a black hole, never to be seen again, and responded to with a form letter if you're lucky.

-Make it easier for people to be automatically updated about what their politicians are doing. The RSS feeds on the site about how each Canadian MP votes, and what they say in Parliament are an example of that.

-Organize guest speakers in one's community to educate oneself and one's community about the issues. When aiming to increase awareness, don't aim for "this problem exists", aim for "how can we be smarter about this issue?"

-Volunteer for, or start, a non-profit organization that will help improve some aspect of the world

-Donate money to organizations whose goals and methods you agree with, and to politicians who do something that you respect.

-Write reports on a topic where you would like to see a policy change, and publicly release it, and do something to get the media interested

-Interview the people who would be most affected by the policy change and tell their stories

-Encourage people to vote, no strings attached, for whichever candidate they want.