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Actually, in a way I did. It's what I think a specialist in those areas would consider basic information. But that's just because of the huge gap between specialists and an average person. I didn't include any legal questions because I don't understand that area very well. It's what I consider to be informed enough to have an educated opinion on that issue which is why I recommend specializing in one or two areas, and reading from a lot of different sources in those areas; not just the ones you agree with. In fact, if you stick with a person whose views you despise long enough but who seems to know a lot more than you in that area, you might start to understand why they think that way.

Yes, but to vote? That would restrict suffrage to a few tens to hundreds of thousands of people in a US-sized country and might completely disenfranchise the poor as a group. It would be a bold policy move, to say the least.
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