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What precisely is wrong with it?

Are you being serious now? If someone called you a hypocrite or a coward wouldn't you feel at least somewhat upset or angry?
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It probably depends on your personal set of values. For some people, being intellectually honest, unafraid to express their opinion and so stand up for freedom of speech and thought are important values. I can imagine such people feeling uncomfortable if they choose to hide their opinions in order to avoid negative consequences. Going to an extreme, in authoritarian countries (such as, e.g. Soviet Union), openly expressing your opinion, when it goes against the party line, is an act of extreme courage, and was often secretly admired by many other people. I am sure that those same people didn't feel very proud of themselves for not doing the same (though in this case not speaking out is of course quite understandable). In free societies this is not so extreme, which can make this dilemma more difficult. You won't be killed or jailed for unorthodox opinions, the negative consequences will be much milder. It is then more difficult to justify keeping quiet to oneself.
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