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"Most edits do not modify the central meaning of the message, instead being about something minor like typos or additions to the text. "

You might be right, we'll think more about it.

"I didn't try it out, but it seems to me that one can rate one's own posts. "

No, self-ratings are not accepted.

"And why do I see a significantly low probability rating for my own posts?"

In principle, this could happen if you negatively rate most of what you read (this puts your baseline lower) or if most people whose preferences are similar to yours (i.e., the ratings are correlated) give low ratings to your posts. Also, at this point our database is still too small to give very accurate predictions (in particular, for comments that have few or zero ratings).

If self-ratings are not accepted they should not be possible on the interface.

I interpret the answer to the self-scoring as "Working as intended. The system thinks you think you write bad posts".
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