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Teach everyone to fish, and the fish go extinct. Or in a magical world with an infinite number of fish in the ocean, which is probably more comparable, people get tired of fish. Everyone will have fishing to fall back on, which is nice, but not really worth the price of all those fishing poles. You'd be better off investing the money you spent on fishing poles, and giving them all the money.

I disagree with this. I believe that (1) if there are more productive, creative, educated and motivated people in a nation, the whole nation becomes more prosperous. It's not like there is a limited number of fish. There is no limit to human creativity. I believe that in industrialized nations we have enough resources to keep everybody well-fed, but this is not enough to make a human life satisfying. Creative work and self-accomplishment are an important part of this equation, and this cannot be achieved by giving people more money. The absence of prospects of this type of self-accomplishment often results in feelings of unworthiness and frustration, which can translate into destructive behavior. (2) I view a prospect of upper mobility as extremely important to a society. If people from difficult backgrounds know and see that this is doable, this can change their lives, and this will benefit the whole society. Again, giving everyone money won't help here. (I'm wondering if you are serious about it though).
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There was a real argument that parrents didn't want their children to go to elementrary scholl because they needed them to pick up their potatoes. Well they went to scholl anyways and did such frivoulous things as "engineering" and "doctoring" and the potatoes had to be picked up slowly and the economy was clearly hurt.

You know once fishing is so abundant you can invent berry picking and the quality of food is imporoved beyond any amount of fish that could be caught.
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