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If everyone gets a college degree, then people who flip burgers will have college degrees. Education is all well and good, but there are things we need people to do that don't require an education. And things we need people to do that require a different kind of education. Should people have to go to college and then trade schools just to be a plumber?

"Creative work and self-accomplishment are an important part of this equation, and this cannot be achieved by giving people more money."

No, but it can't be achieved by giving people an education either. I think giving them money will help a lot more. If you have money, you can work on creative stuff in your spare time. If you have an education and work at a minimum wage job (you have no guarantee of anything better if everyone else has the same education) you won't have time for it.

It can be argued that an education gives things other than jobs that already exists. You can like... apply that information.. to something.

a society that can keep its population smart and educated is more powerful than one that doesn't. True it's more easier if people just accept a strictly defined job that only requires a person to minimally not be brain-dead. But if people are smart we can start dismantling these funky economic niches. People are not best used as burger flippers and we should not be optimising for the most lazy way of having the maximum burger flippers!
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