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Users have several different purposes for that type of information. Not putting them in unless it is possible to articulate a specific, universal, reason for them is unhelpful, and also subject to arguing that each individual reason isn't valid.

Pretty much every other forum on the net for anything displays the date of the comment. This alone should be a reason to include it unless you have a *very* good reason not to that you're *very* certain of.

I am not so much about resisting the feature but in design it is almost more important to know why you are doing stuff than what you are doing. People sometimes ask for things they think they want when they could very easily tell what they want to accomplish so that a more suitable solution can be provided. That you miss the date tells that you are actually using it for something. Do you read or not read based on the date? Do you write different replies based on the date?

Because politics can be mindkill there is a motive to keep things simple. Indirect deduced information is more likely to be harmful. Therefore you might not want to throw eveyrthing and the kitchen sink to detract from the actual discussion.

THere is also the issue that usage is only shaping up. If we just implement random features and let those guide our usage habits we could end up with random culture. It would be way more important to make concious decision about it. Then atleast it would be our fault.

User indeed have various uses for that information and we might want to serve them only selectively. If users don't want to get "bogged down by old discussion" them being a archieve point of more quality political talk would be harder. On the other hand a person might be unsure whether that person still thinks the way they wrote sometime. To that need we might need to want to express retraction of stances. It doesn't have anything to do with dates but by being smart about why we make alterations we can use that impulse to aknowledge what our proper needs are.
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