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I am not interested in forming a burden of proof

If using it has to be justified, and you don't want it in unless it's been justified, then you are interested in putting the burden of proof on me. That's what "burden of proof" means.

I thought that the reflective activity of looking at the want more clearly would not be that much additional burden

It's an additional burden because the requirement is not just that I reflect on my reasons, it's that I get a list of reasons that can convince you.

Yes, that is what a burden of proof means and I don't mean that I am against it if isn't justified. That how what I want to say differs from forming a burden of proof.

I would see much value in a list of reasons that didn't convince me. It means it is wanted for reasons that can be stated overtly (hidden agendas are pretty nasty). It also means cooperation on the improvement can be attempted. It is one thing to fail in that attempt than not even try (and then there are better and worse ways of failing it). It also means it is not just a throwaway line and it is though through meaning there is less chance that it is later discovered that wasn't what was really wanted.
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