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"Vouch more for them" is an ambiguous statement. "I'll only really oppose it" is more vouching than "I'll really, REALLY, oppose it". What I am asking is if you mean what you seem to mean when you say that the reasons don't need to convince you.

a feature suggestion with no detail I am prone to be indifferent about. If there are reasons that convince me I can personally get behind them. I would prefer feature suggestions others reason about over those that others just want (if it happens they give up convincing me). I am not the one that decides whether it goes in or not but I kinda care that whoever makes that decision has ample access to likely relevant consequences of the decision. That is I care whether the decision is easy or not. The hardest it is when they have to research all the relevenat facts by themselfs. An issue that has a comprehensive introduction has just the solving part left without the additional suppport work.
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