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Given that it's not feasible to buy the rights to build the building higher from the people nearby, I'd suggest making it so they have to pay the neighbors, or at least the government, and amount equal to the negative externalities they cause. If this isn't feasible, then err on the side of less restriction, and let them build.

Should car manufacturers have paid the buggy whip manufacturers for putting them out of business too?
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THe externalities are not easily objectively measured. Also some uses of land and property might be more sensitive to what the neighbourhood is like. Do I get compensation for what I in fact do or what I could have done? What if new activity that is negatively impacted by the big building is established? If you mean to bypass the neighbours veto rights it still emerges in an alternate form. Neighbours will tend to overstate and overemphasise the externatilities that they feel instead of raising their right sell price.
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This would basically mean to have higher property taxes for bigger buildings. I see no reason that speaks against it.
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