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Not having posts with dates is the equivalent of selling hot dogs at a festival without buns and then demanding that people give reasons as to why they want buns before you'll even consider it. It is always possible to demand an endless stream of reasons for arbitrary things. "Why can't you just stick a fork in it and eat it off the fork? Why can't you just hold the hot dog in a piece of cheese? Can't you just put the hot dog on a fork instead of having it be in a bun? If you like the taste of bread with a hot dog, why won't you just let us dip it in bread crumbs instead?"

If you really don't understand why people want dates on posts, your thinking is so far from everyone else's that there's no point in trying to satisfy you. And I have no interest in saying "I want dates for reason X" and getting a reply that is the equivalent of "why can't you wrap it in a slice of cheese instead of doing X?"

I have not any thoughts on "dam I wished that posts had dates on them". If you think that if the statement is not accepted without argument then there is no point in trying to argue for it it is not a very discussive attitude.

You can look up the suggestion to be able to sort through message by arrrival order. What you are expecting would happen didn't happen that time.

If I am selling wieners in a event and people give me dirty looks when they insist on calling them hot dogs and because they are somehow "wrong" I will point them to the nearest bakery.

I might be able to imagine a bunch of improper uses for them but because I don't want to impose negative presuppositions on you I would rather listen to which of the potentially proper uses we might be talking about. It must be a super touchy subject if the reasons can't be even mentioned. It is one thing to hold ones own reasons to hold more weight than others have for them but to be secretive about them so that others can't even form differing opinions about them?

If I write something on this forum it doesn't need to weight you down if it doesn't convince you.
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