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Please try not to focus on just one line in a huge comment.

I focused on that line because I pretty much agree with everything else youíve written (and I don't completely disagree with that line either). Or have you assumed that I support pressuring the Third world countries into democracy? If so, do you mind telling me why?
you to be well-advised to make decisive statements about possible solutions.

I have to admit I also donít have a definite opinion on this question. One option that may be worth considering is for the third world countries to go through the same route as the Western countries instead of directly copying the final product. That is, adopting a limited suffrage first, giving the right to vote only to the educated middle class. Another option is to create small enclaves inside the Third world countries that would be run by Western entrepreneurs (I believe this idea was considered in Madagascar recently but ultimately rejected).

I was just saying that because there is no way for me to know what percentage of my comment you have paid attention to beyond the part you comment on, especially considering that I later emphasized why that solution wasn't one. One small line or comment that's a little more "holistic" generally suffices as a signal.

In there I used "me and you" to mean "ordinary people who haven't personally talked to presidents or ambassadors", rather than literally me and you.

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