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I was just saying that because there is no way for me to know what percentage of my comment you have paid attention to beyond the part you comment on, especially considering that I later emphasized why that solution wasn't one. One small line or comment that's a little more "holistic" generally suffices as a signal.

In there I used "me and you" to mean "ordinary people who haven't personally talked to presidents or ambassadors", rather than literally me and you.


I used to believe that political leaders are much more qualified to make foreign policy decisions due to much better access to information. Occasionally, when some of them made counterintuitive decisions I suspected that they were relying on some secret info which was unknown to the general public. Later, all these decisions proved to be total blunders and I realized that access to information is not as crucial as I initially assumed.

Most political leaders arrive at their positions not because they were brilliant policy makers. Some were good salesmen, some had family connections and some (like Reagan) got a head start in a totally different field. Though they have above average intelligence, they are not geniuses and generally do not have deep knowledge of foreign countries.
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