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I think the state of Israel didn't need a war to establish borders where already existing nations were present.

Which war is it that Israel started but didn't need to in order to establish some sort of borders?

Israel is pretty war active but I had the idea that the initial borders of Israel were essentially gifted to them because their ethnicity had so much burn victims.

Looked up more information it seemed that the post WWII immigration pressure was too much for the local british overlords to handle. There was enough violent civil unrest that they just washed their hands and went home. I am not super clear did it escalate to a miniwar or not but in the resulting "who the f runs this area now?" the UN council gave a blessing for the area to become the nation of Israel. So it was like a human DDoS attack where a lot of people simultanoeusly decided to enter the Israel area and it crashed the local goverment.

In a way the british empire didn't feel like getting into wars about arabs getting angry about the population distribution of it. So instead of risking new enemies they left the area to fight the angry people alone. And often and frequently did they fight them, but the rest of the empire pretty much dodged a lot of war in dumping that part (rest of the empire wasn't ready to defend that colony).
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