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I would say when this is intended to avoid serious health problems, such as when the parents are known to carry some harmful gene mutations that can result in severe health consequences for their children, this makes sense, and it is in the interest of the society to help subsidize this sort of genetic engineering. But when it comes to IQ, personality traits and so on, this is a Pandora box, and no one knows where this could lead. These things are very complex, and the same genes can be responsible for many things. Maybe with increasing the IQ you will decrease other features, such as empathy or creativity, or increase the risk of depression and so on. This is a very risky research direction, and it is not completely clear to me if this should be allowed, let alone government encouraged or subsidized.

That said, I have read in the news somewhere (not sure if this is true) that the Chinese government is subsidizing a research project whose ultimate goal is to significantly increase the IQ of the population. For now they collect genetic information of well-known scientists, and are trying to figure out which genes are responsible for their high IQ. If one country manages to figure this out and will go ahead with human genetic engineering, it is going to be a different story - though it may still be worthwhile to just watch where it's going to go there before legalizing it.

Any kind of serious evolutionary adaptation is likely to come up with some downsides. For example for conditions like autisms the negatives might be first noticed and then a more balanced negatives and positives view reached. If we start culling deviations from expectation too soon we don't see any kind of exploration in the feature space to get to bloom, we get a serious local optimum problem where even the tiniest of setbacks disallows checking whether there is a huge mountain of competence right over it.

For example for a society it would be good to have certain amount of the blood group O+ but then parents might want to favour AB to maximize survival likelyhood in the event of an accident. There is already population skew in china regarding gender that has significant societal effects. Can parents or state have too much say in a persons makeup?
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