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The yardstick for deciding whether teachers deserve their jobs is whether they can make all of their students better at e.g. physics. Presumably the institution knew that upon deciding to hire the teacher. Passing that, another weighty consideration is the students' genuine subjective evaluation of the teacher. Again, like genes, beliefs may be had but not expressed, acted upon, rubbed in other people's faces. The time to start looking for little clues is the time when the complaints start coming in.

I meant to say that he's half-right denotatively, which is part of the reason why the guy deserves to be given a break. Yes, young people spending lots of times together in mixed-gender settings is a recipe for romantic drama, it can involve entire chains of people, and it sometimes goes sour and it sucks and it distracts a lot from actual science and I'm totally not speaking from experience. Connotatively, namely that labs are male-only by default and girls come and ruin things, well of course not, though the implications of his joke are fuzzy enough to warrant debate more than they warrant sacking.