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Link: George W. Bush is smarter than you

Dahlen          21 December 2015 04:14 PM

An interesting article by a former senior adviser of President Bush, who uses anecdotes from his time in the position to paint a different picture of the former POTUS than most of us usually get from the media. Goes to show that impressions of a politician acting in private, on the job, can be very different from the usual portrayal of his public persona. Many people throw around insults to politicians' intelligence when criticising their policy choices, but perhaps this should serve as a reminder that it would be wise not to underestimate them so.

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melian 22 December 2015 07:53 AM

There have been suspicions that GWB deliberately cultivated anti-intellectual image. Most democrats did not realize it but every time they made fun of his pronunciation they may have been helping him to win the blue dog vote.