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ClearerThinking’s Fact-Checking 2.0
Yes, that can happen, though I think that the problem is made somewhat smaller by pointing out all fallacies, falsehoods, etc. That way, you can't cherry-pick fallacies and falsehoods that you want to focus on. Another method would of course ... read more

ClearerThinking’s Fact-Checking 2.0
ClearerThinking's laywer said it should be fine to embed videos in this way. We don't adjust the video in any way, unlike many other annotation ... read more

Should people be allowed to ear-mark their taxes to specific policy areas for a price?
This extra money would normally come from decreased spending on other policy areas (though higher taxes is also a conceptual possibility). As I point out at the start, the government could rationally do so. If you get subsidized to consume more gym ... read more