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Doing Good ≠ Being Good
The Mafia in some parts of the US call themselves The Good Guys. Really. See if you can understand why they would seem themselves in that ... read more

What is the True Islam?
I haven't read the Koran, but I'm guessing you haven't either I have read the Koran twice, and various books about Islam. It is by no means obvious to me whether there is one true interpretation and what it might ... read more

When can experts be trusted?
Is this expected in all religions? My impression was that non-christian religions put a lot less emphasis on repentance. I should have said Christian theology. I think economics is still in a transitional stage. Yes - especially in ... read more

Is it wrong to offend someone else's religion?
You seem to be assuming that the offense is all on the part of the speaker. But it has often been pointed out that taking offense is also a very common and effective power play to shut down criticism. And that taking things personally is ... read more

Is Evil AI just a proxy argument against big government?
Added to this, as Deming pointed out a long time ago, they typically use the same information systems to measure their performance as they use to manage the process. The result is that the data becomes hopelessly corrupted by the need to look ... read more

When can experts be trusted?
Many fields also have blind spots. One example currently relevant to me is the blind spot that exists in medicine in respect of statistics. When you read the medical literature, you see one statistical howler after another. In recent days I have ... read more

When can experts be trusted?
You might want to read up on the Replication Crisis in Social ... read more

When can experts be trusted?
I like your heuristic. I expand it slightly: 1. Can they predict the future? For example Darwin predicted that fossils of forms intermediate between man and apes would be found, probably in Africa. On the other hand, psychologists and ... read more