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I agree. Also "left" and "right" mean different things in different countries. It is a shorthand that obscures meaning rather than illuminates ... read more

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But is the goal to create tailored content, or to have a discussion and meeting of minds? Sometimes the things that seem like inessentials to be dropped away by the writer would be clues to their assumptions and worldview to the people reading the ... read more

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Also, since you have a limited number of URLs using the number system, if you switch to a different system, you can redirect their links using apache mod rewrite or something similar, so that the links don't ... read more

Comments - Suggestions - Criticism
Right now, it seems like the format of the site is good at capturing a snapshot of a bunch of short answers to the question. However, the impression I have is that the goal of this site is to encourage discussion. So, I think some changes to the ... read more

What should an average person do to improve the policies of his country?
A few suggestions: -Talk to local government representatives. Write letters. According to people who work in the offices of politicians, writing letters can be very effective, even though it kind of feels like the letter is disappearing into a ... read more

Should government stimulate the economy through deficit spending?
Yes, in a recession, in a situation more like the last part of the 20th Century. It depends on the circumstances, and economies can get into trouble if the government does not cut back on spending in good times, but sometimes the market fails ... read more

Should we be completely rational about our ideological views?
I disagree with the premise of this question "Imagine a man who, like most people on this planet, is generally surrounded by people who share his basic worldview." Are most of the people on the planet surrounded by people who share their basic ... read more

How to improve the higher education system?
I think that what is needed to improve the higher education system is to change some of the perverse incentives that are currently leading to the problems. For example, there are few incentives for universities to care about the undergraduate ... read more