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Should schools be privatized?
Very relevantly, this just came out: They seem to be saying that privatised education is failing in sweden because parents can't be trusted to choose ... read more

Should schools be privatized?
Interesting, you seem to have done your homework. (This is the kind of debate I was hoping for from this site). People certainly still self segregate, but that doesn't mean they wouldn't do so even more without public schools bringing them ... read more

Should schools be privatized?
history seems to show that letting central government to indoctrinate kids in a same ideology is far more dangerous.
I'm not sure. In the west we tend to view the danger of totalitarianism as more salient due to recent history. In China say, ... read more

What should an average person do to improve the policies of his country?
This difference is also very striking between Ireland and Germany. Ireland was colonized for a long time, so the reply here about Anglo Saxon countries and non autocratic governments may ... read more

Should schools be privatized?
One could argue that private schools will lead to enclaves of people indoctrinating their kids in their own private ideologies, though, which might destabilize countries down the line. It might be a good idea to force admixture between religions, ... read more